Alberta has a long history and international leadership in the development of engineered wood products with capacity in both structural (such as Plywood and Oriented Strandboard) and non-structural (such as MDF) wood-based panels, as well as other engineered wood products such as glulam, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), I-joists and oriented strand lumber (OSL).

The APA – The Engineered Wood Association sets quality standards for engineered wood products in North America through a rigorous testing and inspection program. APA stamped products are produced at member mills committed to ensuring quality assurance and product performance of structural engineered wood products of superior strength, versatility and reliability.

Product Pricing Information


OSB is manufactured by purposely aligning several layers of wood strands to maximize strength. These layers are bonded with resin under pressure to achieve a specific thickness depending on the intended use of the product. OSB is most commonly used for floor, wall and roof sheathing and can be textured to help prevent slippage. Another benefit to OSB is the strands used in the manufacturing process.

The wood strands for production of OSB can be made from smaller trees, or less commercially-utilized tree species, which maximize the environmental benefits achieved from the harvest.


Plywood is manufactured by bonding thin sheets of wood veneer with a waterproof adhesive using heat and pressure. It is manufactured in a number of thicknesses and finishes depending on the intended use. Plywood is most commonly used in wood frame construction to sheet walls, floors and roofs. Based on the plywood grade, it can also be found in higher quality furniture, cabinets, and many industrial applications such as concrete forms, packaging, etc.